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Roots/Dresser Blowers

Roots/Dresser Blower Types:

• Positive Displacement

• Centrifugal

• Packaged Equipment

Roots/Dresser Blower Models:

URAI, RAM,RCS, RAS-J, RGS-J, XLP, DVJ, ROOTS-FLO, Tri-lobe, Water Sealed, Water Sealed Vacuum, High Vacuum Booster & Truck Mount

IGC, OIB & H-Multistage

CBM Pak, Custom Engineered Packages, MRB/MRE, SRB/SRE & XLP Prime

Roots/Dresser Blower Parts:

• Bearings
• Gears
• Impellers
• Seals
• Shafts
• and more...
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Roots Blowers & Compressors, Dresser, Inc. is the longest continuously run manufacture of rotary positive displacement blowers in the United States. In 1854, Francis and Philander Roots, woolen mill owners in Connersville, IN, stumbled upon the principles that drive the rotary positive displacement concept.

In 1944, Dresser Industries, Inc. acquired Roots to expand its range of services for the gas and oil industries. During 1998, Dresser Industries merged with the Halliburton company. In 1999 the Roots and DMD Division of Dresser Equipment Group, Inc combined and in 2000 joined with the Instrument Division to form Dresser Measurement. During 2001, Dresser Equipment Group separated from Halliburton through a management buy-out to form Dresser, Inc.

Roots Dresser Blowers

  Roots Dresser Blowers parts

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